Monster Rally 2018

Our Annual Monster Rally is coming up!  Check below for all the information you need!


When is the Rally?

This year our rally will be on Saturday, October 13, from 10AM to 4PM. Registration will open at 9:30AM.


What does the Rally have to offer?

  • Monster Truck Demonstration
  • "The Monster" Obstacle Course
  • Strongman Competition
  • 3-Point Competition
  • Games, Activities, and Prizes
  • Good Preaching


does the Rally cost anything?

Admission for the rally is only $5. This lets you participate in any of the events, as well as provides a lunch of 2 pizza slices and a pop.

There will also be a snack shop available for additional drinks and snacks.


Who Can Come?

This rally is geared towards teens from age 13-18, but parents and younger siblings are welcome. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and may only participate in certain activities.

All participants, regardless of age, must complete the waiver below. Please complete one form for each participant.


Where is the Rally?

The address for the rally is 7582 Gratiot Ave, Columbus, MI 48063. Click here for directions.

Name of Participant *
Name of Participant
Phone *
Name of Parent or Legal Guardian *
Name of Parent or Legal Guardian
I verify that I am the parent or legal guardian of age 21 or older of the underage participant, or that I am an adult participant. *
Emergency Contact *
Emergency Contact
Waiver and Release Form (Parent or Legal Guardian) *
I, the undersigned parent or guardian, hereby consent to myself and/or my child participating in the Monster Rally sponsored by Sparlingville Baptist Church on October 13, 2018. I certify that my child is able to participate in these activities, including “The Monster” Obstacle Course, the Monster Truck Demonstration, Strongman competition and all other activities involved in the Monster Rally. I UNDERSTAND AND HEREBY AGREE TO ASSUME ALL OF THE RISKS WHICH MAY BE ENCOUNTERED ON SAID ACTIVITY, INCLUDING ACTIVITIES PRELIMINARY AND SUBSEQUENT THERETO. I do hereby agree to hold Sparlingville Baptist Church and its agents and employees, harmless from any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, claims, expenses, and damages on account of injury to my child or property. I HAVE CAREFULLY READ THE FOREGOING RELEASE AND KNOW THE CONTENTS THEREOF, AND I SIGN THIS RELEASE AS MY OWN FREE ACT. This is a legally binding agreement that I have read and understand.
Media Release *
I agree to grant to Sparlingville Baptist Church and its authorized representatives permission to record on photography film and/or video, pictures of my participation and/or that of my child's. I further agree that any or all of the material photographed may be used, in any form, as part of any future publications, brochure, or other printed materials used to promote Sparlingville Baptist Church, and further that such use shall be without payment of fees, royalties, special credit or other compensation.