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At Sparlingville Baptist Church, we think that it is so important for all ages to learn about God. That is why we have provided Children's Church services for younger ages: to ensure that each member of your family has a place where they can learn more about God's Word with people their own age. You'll find below information regarding our different children's services, the teachers, and the age groups associated with them.

For any other questions regarding our children's services, or to ask about helping with a children's service, please speak with our Children's Church Coordinator, Chris Frazier.




Who: Age 3-2nd Grade

Where: Room 102

Teacher: Ms. Kelly Gardner

Helpers: Bro. Cody Mikolowski, Ms. Mindy Gardner




Who: 3rd-6th Grade

Where: Fellowship Hall

Teacher: Bro. Chris & Mrs. Jenny Frazier

Helpers: Bro. Chad Brennan, Ms. Alesia Frazier